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"City Line" is an alternative rock band from South Jersey started in 2015 by DJ Mark. In 2013, DJ was the founding member of another Philadelphia-area band that managed to successfully play shows around the region and release an EP. When the band fell apart, DJ started his own solo project that barely survived for a few months. After taking time away from writing and performing original music, DJ decided it was time to once again start a new project.


Spending the first few months of 2015 writing the music for the project, in June he started recording the EP. Hitting some road bumps along the way, including having potential members of the band leave and technical issues with recording software, the single "Days of Old" was able to be released on July 31st. Recording wrapped in early August, and the debut EP "Bright Lights and Flying Colors" was released on August 11th through Bandcamp, despite not having drum tracks on the songs. DJ recorded the drum tracks in late August, and "Days of Old" was re-released on September 4th, with the EP seeing it's worldwide digital release to all stores on September 10th.


DJ has already started working on the next phase of City Line, beginning work on an acoustic EP that contains acoustic demos of songs that will eventually be full recorded and put towards City Line's first full length album.  Work on the EP began in November 2015.  The first single titled "That Was Home" was released on January 28th, 2016.  The The full EP, which includes four new songs and an acoustic version of a Bright Lights and Flying Colors song, was released exclusively to Bandcamp and CD Baby on February 9th, 2016.

On May 23rd, 2016, after teasing something new for a few weeks prior, with the hashtag #NoAlibi, City Line released a new lyric video for the single "15 North," the first single from the band's first full length album.  The single itself was released on May 26th worldwide on digital music stores. 

On July 1st, the band released a lyric video for a second single, "Uptown," which was made available for digital download the same day.  This would be the first City Line song to feature Chris on drums, as DJ recorded the drums for "15 North" due to Chris being out of town during recording of the song.  The album, titled "North By North Market," was released on August 5th, availalble worldwide in all digital music stores as well as in physical CD format.  To celebrate, the band will play an "album release show" in their hometown of Washington Township, NJ on August 20th.

On November 24th, the band released their cover of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Dreams" to YouTube, previewing a new Christmas EP.  "Christmas in the City" was released on December 9th, with the full EP streaming on YouTube, and the three original songs being made available for download on Bandcamp.

On February 9th, 2017, City Line released their second acoustic EP, titled "Things to Come & More - Volume II."  Following up on their acoustic EP from 2016, the band released acoustic version of three new songs that they are working on, with hopes to release another full band album or EP later in the year.

In June 2017, City Line entered the studio to begin work on their next single and EP. The single, "This Is Home," was released on July 7th along with a lyric video for the song. The band continued work on the EP through the Summer and into the Fall, releasing the single "2" on September 29th. The  EP, "Long Road Home," was released on October 20th, 2017, and featured both singles as well as another song featured on the acoustic EP from early 2017. The two other songs from that EP are being saved for a future release

"City Line chase the ghosts of rock and roll past, as they set their sights solely on playing songs that are unabashed in their passion."

Radio Airplay

"Big Days" - 93.7 WSTW FM (Wilmington, DE) 

Hometown Heroes, 4/17/2016

"15 North" - 93.7 WSTW FM Hometown Heroes, May 2016

"Another Life" - 93.7 WSTW FM

Hometown Heroes, 11/6,2016

"This Is Home" - (NJ) New NJ Music,

7/16, 2017

"2" - New NJ Music, 10/23/2017

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DJ Mark

DJ is the founder of City Line.  DJ contributed all vocals, guitars, bass and drums to the first EP released under the bands name.  He began playing guitar in 2006, but he is a multi instrumentalist.  Having two music teachers for parents can have its benefits.  His influences range from RUSH and the Foo Fighters to Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Angels and Airwaves, among many others.  He and Chris have been in many bands together over the years, having been friends since middle school, including their former band Backseat Chronicles.

Chris Khedoo

Chris is the drummer in City Line.  Chris began playing drums around 2009.  His first experience playing drums in a live setting was with DJ in a band that played at their high school's talent show in 2010.  Despite being friends since middle school, Chris did not tell DJ he was a drummer until they were in 10th grade.  Ever since, the two have been in many bands together, including their former band Backseat Chronicles.  Chris' influences range from Metallica and Rise Against to Atilla and Coheed and Cambria.

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